Why Choose Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

Why Choose Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

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Are you looking for the perfect shading option for your pool, patio or commercial space? We have just what you are looking for at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas! Our range of commercial, residential and pool giant umbrellas make great additions to your outdoor space, providing maximum shade coverage and a classy look. As your local giant umbrella experts, Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is the best choice for a quality giant umbrella for your outdoor space.

The team at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is breaking down why you should choose us for your giant umbrella shading solution in our latest blog article.


Locally Manufactured

One of the primary reasons why you should choose Brisbane Giant Umbrellas for your outdoor giant umbrella is because our entire range is locally manufactured here in Australia. That is why our giant umbrellas are designed and manufactured to handle the harsh Australian Climate. By choosing Brisbane Giant Umbrellas for your giant umbrella shading solution you will be not only supporting us as an Australian business, but you will also be supporting Australian manufacturers. Click here to find out more about our locally manufactured giant umbrellas. 


Superior Materials & Quality

At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, we understand the good quality materials and construction are important to you when looking for a giant umbrella for your Brisbane property. The Brisbane Giant Umbrellas range is constructed with only the best material to ensure our giant umbrellas are of the highest quality.

Our commercial grade umbrellas are also built to last and are constructed from structural aluminum and are available with an acrylic canopy or Ferrari PVC waterproof canopy. Click here to find out more about our commercial giant umbrellas. Our residential range of giant umbrellas are constructed from anodised structural aluminium and feature an acrylic water resistant canopy. Find out more about our residential giant umbrellas on our website by clicking here.


Our Experience

There is no better-qualified team all across Brisbane for your giant umbrella than the team at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. We have over 15 years of experience and have completed over 1000 giant umbrella installations for residents and businesses all across Brisbane. This extensive experience is what separates us from any other giant umbrella provider. Our experience enables us to find the perfect giant umbrella shading option for your property, whether you are looking for a commercial giant umbrella, poolside giant umbrella or a giant umbrella for your patio.


First Class Service

When it comes to the giant umbrella and shading industry, there is no better choice for customer service than Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. We are committed to delivering the very best service to you throughout your entire journey. You can book a free consultation with Brisbane Giant Umbrellas for a member of our team to visit you on your property and discuss your best options. Plus, our expert design team will show you through a range of different giant umbrellas to help you find the perfect fit for your property. If you are looking for the best service in the industry, you know where you can find it. Brisbane Giant Umbrellas!


Contact Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

For all these reasons and more, Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is the best choice for your giant umbrella shading solution. Click here to find out more about us or click here to get in touch with the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team through our website.