• Outdoor Umbrellas Brisbane
  • Outdoor Umbrellas Brisbane
  • Outdoor Umbrellas Brisbane
  • Outdoor Umbrellas Brisbane


We supply our umbrellas in two design options with numerous sizes available in both the options.

Domestic Umbrellas

Our domestic umbrella are available as center post or more popular side post style. The side post gives unhindered shade canopy cover and will rotate through 360° and has multi tilt features built in standard to all domestic umbrellas. These two features give you the ability to move the umbrella as the sun tracks across the sky to maximise your sun protection. Available with a Square or Octagonal canopy these umbrellas are available from a 2.5 metre to an unbelievable 5.0 metre canopy width and have tested wind ratings from 50kmh to 100kmh in the UP position. These umbrellas are built to last and offer many years of service and fantastic value for money. The frames are constructed from structural aluminium with a protective powdercoat finish, the cable & hardware are all marine grade stainless steel and canopies are manufactured from top of the range water resistance European Awning Acrylic. Our domestic umbrella frames and canopies are available in a designer colour range.

Commercial Umbrellas

Our commercial umbrellas are only available as a center post due to the high wind ratings they achieve. Available with Square or Octagonal canopy these umbrellas are available from a 3.0 metre to a staggering 6.0 metre canopy width and has tested wind ratings from 120kmh to 200kmh in the UP position. Being more a resort style umbrella they are design to remain open all year around unless there are severe wind warnings issued which may approach the umbrellas wind rating. In this instance it is best to collapse the umbrella and wind back up once the weather has cleared. These commercial grade umbrellas are also built to last and are constructed from structural aluminium and are available with an Acrylic canopy or Ferrari PVC waterproof canopy. Our commercial range of umbrellas are also available in a designer color range. Locally manufactured by the same company for over 15 years offers our customers peace of mind.

Shadowspec Luxury Giant Umbrellas

With the design focus being on ease of operation these umbrellas are in a class all of their own with the fact that they wind themselves up by way of hydraulics, a gas strut simply does the work for you “up and down” no winding mechanism is present, please click on the videos for a demonstration.

This new range of umbrellas will suit specific areas of the marketplace that up until now were difficult to address, such as the sleekly designed SU 3 – Wall Mounted umbrella which is perfect for the unit or apartment complex as they are secured to the wall, fold down and can be packed away when not required.

The unique SU 6 – has been designed with commercial or domestic applications in mind as they are available in a 1,2,3 or 4 umbrella configuration all attached to “one” centre umbrella mast. This particular umbrella design is being widely used in outdoor restaurants and cafes all over Europe, and now New Zealand and Australia have embraced these stylish outdoor umbrellas for similar applications as they are an affordable option to large outdoor areas requiring shade.

At a Glance, The Benefits of our new Umbrella Range are:
• No Winding Required all Umbrellas are Gas Strut Operated
• Constructed from Anodised Structural Aluminium
• European Awning Acrylic Water Resistant Canopy
• Sleek European Designs
• Protective Cover Supplied Standard with All Models
• Models that will Rotate 360 deg
• Umbrellas can be installed Inground, to Slab, to Wall or on Portable Moveable Bases
• Available as Square or Octagonal Tops
• Can be configured for 1,2,3 or 4 umbrellas off one mast
• Accessories such as LED lighting with Remote Control are available
• All Wind Rated and Wind Tunnel Tested
• DIY or Full Installation Available (Brisbane Metro Areas)
• Interstate Orders Serviced and Welcomed
• 3 Day Turnaround with Freight Organised

Contact us now for your umbrella quotation or information on (07) 3216 6092
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