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BrisShadeSails 001 1024x681 - 3 Things You Should Know About Cantilever Giant Umbrellas

3 Things You Should Know About Cantilever Giant Umbrellas

Giant umbrellas are one of the most popular outdoor shading options used all throughout Australia and particularly Queensland. With an iconic design and superior shading, it’s not hard to see why giant umbrellas are so popular! One of the most common styles is the cantilever giant umbrella. This style of umbrella is popular for a…
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Giant Umbrella Brisbane | Giant Pool Umbrellas

Why Choose Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

Are you looking for the perfect shading option for your pool, patio or commercial space? We have just what you are looking for at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas! Our range of commercial, residential and pool giant umbrellas make great additions to your outdoor space, providing maximum shade coverage and a classy look. As your local giant…
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BrisShadeSails 004 1024x681 - Giant Umbrellas

Giant Umbrellas

All Australians love the great outdoors. Our outdoor spaces, patios, gardens and pools are usually our favourite places on our property. However, these spaces are always being attacked by the harsh, hot Australian sun beaming down over us in the summer. The good news is there is a solution to help you enjoy your outdoor…
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