Best Uses For Centre Post Giant Umbrellas

Best Uses For Centre Post Giant Umbrellas

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Giant umbrellas seem to be popping up all around Australia. Whether it is shading a pool, outdoor space or dining table, giant umbrellas have become an incredibly popular shading solution. Of all the different types of giant umbrellas, the centre post style is becoming a very popular choice for Australians. There are a number of reasons for this and we will be breaking some of them down in this Brisbane Giant Umbrellas blog article. Let’s get started!


Perfect For Outdoor Dining Spaces

Centre post style outdoor giant umbrellas are most commonly seen utilised in outdoor dining areas. This is because the frame can be easily positioned in the middle of the table, allowing you to seamlessly integrate a shading solution. This positioning allows the giant umbrella to evenly shade space around the outdoor dining space. At Brisbane Shade & Sails you can also choose between a square canopy and an octagonal canopy to better fit your outdoor dining space. Visit our website here if you would like to see some examples of centre post giant umbrellas Brisbane Giant Umbrellas have installed in outdoor dining spaces.


Best For Areas With High Wind Speeds

If your outdoor space is prone to high wind speeds then a centre post giant umbrella is the best choice for you. Centre post giant umbrellas achieve the highest wind ratings of all the different types of giant umbrellas. Our commercial outdoor giant umbrellas have tested wind ratings from 120kmh to 200kmh in the UP position. For high wind areas there is no better choice than a centre posts style outdoor giant umbrella from the team at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. Click here if you would like to find out more about the wind ratings for our centre post giant umbrellas. 


Great In Outdoor Leisure Areas

The resort style of our centre post giant umbrellas make them perfect for outdoor leisure areas. With their extensive shading coverage and easy operation, our centre post giant umbrellas work great for outdoor patios and backyard pools. Want to see some examples of our centre post outdoor giant umbrellas in action. Click here to visit our website and check out some of the giant umbrellas we have installed for our happy customers.


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