Month: September 2021

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cropped commumbrellas 01 - Best Uses For Centre Post Giant Umbrellas

Best Uses For Centre Post Giant Umbrellas

Giant umbrellas seem to be popping up all around Australia. Whether it is shading a pool, outdoor space or dining table, giant umbrellas have become an incredibly popular shading solution. Of all the different types of giant umbrellas, the centre post style is becoming a very popular choice for Australians. There are a number of…
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Domestic Giant Umbrellas

How To Decide If A Giant Umbrella Is Right For You

Have you been looking for the perfect shading option for your outdoor patio, backyard pool or garden dining space? There are many different shading options available like shade structures and shade sails, but have you considered an outdoor giant umbrella as your shading solution? Giant umbrellas are fantastic shading solutions that are built perfect for…
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Giant Umbrella Brisbane | Giant Pool Umbrellas

Make Your Pool Sun Safe With Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

There’s no better time in summer than the days spent relaxing outside in and around our outdoor pools. Backyard pools are the perfect place to enjoy the famous Queensland summer weather. They also provide family and friends with entertainment all year round. That’s why it is so important to make sure that your pool is…
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